Young People Will No Longer Need To Go To College, Google Has Launched A Terrifying Service

NEW YORK - Google recently made a major announcement that would radically change jobs and higher education and eliminate the need for people to go to college. Following this announcement, Google has introduced some professional courses that will teach people how to do the jobs that are in high demand today.

According to the report, Google has named these courses 'Google Career Certificates'. After completing these courses, young people will be able to find employment immediately and earn an income. For this, they will traditionally not have to go to college for years. The duration of these courses will be about 6 months. Kent Walker, senior vice president of global affairs at Google, said: "Many Americans are unable to get a college degree because education is expensive and out of reach. Not necessarily. We needed the same John Training Solutions that Google has now introduced. So that people can get the same jobs after 6 months of training that they can barely get even after a college degree. We will consider these certificates as equivalent to a four-year college degree while recruiting people in Google. According to the report, the fees for these courses have not yet been announced by Google, but if you estimate the fees for such courses already available from Google.

The monthly fee for the Google IT Support Professional Certificate is $49. This course can be done at a fixed price of $300 for a period of 6 months

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