Israel Has Sought Permission From Saudi Arabia To Use Its Airspace For Flights To Dubai And Tel Aviv


Israel Has Sought Permission From Saudi Arabia To Use Its Airspace For Flights To Dubai And Tel Aviv

Israel has sought permission from Saudi Arabia to use its airspace for flights to Dubai and Tel Aviv

We believe that Saudi Arabia will allow the use of its airspace for direct flights between Israel and the UAE. Benjamin Netanyahu's interview with the UAE Broadcasting Corporation

Tel Aviv Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has asked Saudi Arabia to allow the use of airspace for flights between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Netanyahu has said that Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Tel Aviv Are also working to launch direct flights between which will pass through the airspace of Saudi Arabia.

"We are confident that Saudi Arabia will allow us to use its airspace for direct flights between Tel Aviv and Dubai. I am confident that our agreement with Riyadh will be reached," he said. Will transform the industry and the Israeli economy as the "parties" will have the opportunity for tourism and tremendous investment.

In an exclusive interview with Emirati news channel Sky News Arabia, he mentioned the reasons why the agreement was possible and said that the agreement would also benefit the Israeli economy. In recent days, a special agreement has been reached between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, under which Israel has immediately halted the process of annexing parts of occupied West Jordan to Israel. In an interview with Sky News Arabia, the Israeli Minister Prime Minister Netanyahu has expressed the view that other Arab countries will also move towards this agreement.

Netanyahu said the Trump administration had told him that the greatest need of the hour was to promote peace and that work in West Jordan should be stopped. He said it was a US request to suspend Israeli law for some time. Enforcement should be stopped and we agreed. The Americans have told us that they want to spread the atmosphere of peace and that our highest priority at the moment is to move peace forward.

Netanyahu spoke in English throughout the interview, but his speech was dubbed in Arabic. Jared Kishner, an adviser to the US president and son-in-law, told reporters that the US had "Israel has agreed with us that it will not proceed without our consent. For some time, we will not support Israel in this regard," he said. Our focus right now is on implementing the new peace agreement.

Netanyahu praised the UAE and expressed confidence that other Arab countries would take steps in this direction and sign an agreement with Israel. Netanyahu said the agreement would be of great benefit to both countries and Israel. It also plans to import from the UAE's free zone areas. Free Zones in the UAE are areas where foreign companies can operate with simple rules and where foreign investors are allowed to take full ownership of companies. The agreement is important for peace in the Middle East. Netanyahu has expressed the possibility that the agreement will eventually pave the way for peace with the Palestinian people.

Netanyahu called the UAE a democracy, while according to Freedom House, the UAE is one of the least independent countries in the world in terms of democracy. Netanyahu said the agreement would bring together both the United Arab Emirates and Israel

"Israel has no formal relations with Saudi Arabia and Israeli planes are not allowed to fly over Saudi airspace. However, there have been reports of cooperation between the two countries, especially on security issues." Live.

Netanyahu said the UAE wanted to invest heavily in Israel's technology sector, adding that cheap goods manufactured in the UAE's free zone would also be available to Israeli consumers, adding that the Israeli economy would benefit from it. It will benefit every citizen.

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