iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max Leak


iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max Leak

iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max Leak
iPhone Pro Max Image 

The apple iPhone 12 launch is nearly upon us and we finally have a design leak but i'll be sharing the details right now.

We've got a huge number of leaks to share with you guys on the apple iPhone 12. we finally have the design revealed we've got the launch date some spec updates and even more before we get into it though Subscribe Blog.

iPhone 12 Concept

 if you're a fan of apple and let me know in the comments what device you're using right now so first of all we've got more news from Ming chi kuo who advises that apple is trying to cut costs as much as possible for the iPhone 12. Because the apple iPhone 12 range has moved to 5g technology it does add a considerable cost and quo advises that that's 75 to 85 on the sub 6 gigahertz bands and an extra 125 to 135 dollars incurred for the iPhone 12 using the millimetre wave technology now there's no need to worry as a consumer as this doesn't mean lower quality hardware on the apple iPhone 12.

iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max Release Date

But it actually is just apple putting pressure on its suppliers to get the same hardware at a much better cost given that we don't have any radical changes from its predecessor then it shouldn't be too hard for them to do many of you were sad about a delayed launch event in October for the apple iPhone 12 but all hope isn't lost an eagle eye twitter user named Bram van Biver spotted apple accidentally scheduled a live video on their YouTube channel this was actually for the 10th of September 2020 now to be clear the thumbnail was still for wwdc20 so it could be an accidental click but it does seem a little bit suspicious coincidentally this is the same date as apple held their predecessors launch event last year well this would be great if it was still on time I have to point out that i didn't actually see this event scheduled so it could simply be a Photoshop I’m personally being told by people that the launch event is still October and all of the reputable leakers are still saying the same so i wouldn't get your hopes up too much we have however had leaks apple pro advising us that the iPhone 12 launch event was being recorded at the apple park on Monday and he's continued to follow up with some information about the launch of the iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 differences

He says that Phil Schiller will be taking part in the keynote and we'll be getting the arm powered mac new iPad iPhone 12 models and an upgrade of one more thing now that one more thing is supposedly the apple air power that was previously abandoned but it does make sense for them to be bringing it back now if they have figured out their technical difficulties and this further fuels rumours about the next iPhone being completely port less he gives us the spec overview that we pretty much already knew about the iPhone 12.

we get improved ram cameras and of course the new a14 bionic one of the main changes is of course going to be the additional lidar sensor while many thought it would be a quad camera looking setup on the apple iPhone 12 it appears it's going to look more like this the triple camera design that was used in the previous models but with the lidar sensor squeezed in he also gives news that the apple iPhone 12 is not going to be as flat as everyone thought.

But it's going to be slightly curved in a mix of the old and the new design but to be clear it is still very flat I’m starting to get some information on design from some industry insiders and they're saying that the edge design is in fact a flat edge finally though we have had the design revealed with some iPhone 12 cases and some dummies now to be clear when it comes to these leaks the case manufacturers are given certain dimensions to make their cases ahead of launch but they don't get the specific details photos emerged last week of the iPhone 12 dummies and cases and this is the same information that I’ve been receiving this is pretty much the reveal of the apple iPhone 12 and what it's going to look like many will be disappointed with its similarities to its predecessor but i have to say i much prefer these flat edges we've got three large cameras on the pro models with the smaller additional lidar sensors when it comes to the two cheaper models we get the dual camera setup but it's a nice modern take on an older design.

I think even in these economic times it's going to be a success for those that are needing a phone to upgrade to of course we also have many issues with both We-chat and fortnight that could affect sales if they continue.

But of course even if it is October then it's not too much longer until apple officially unveiled the iPhone 12. For anyone who wants a more detailed look at all iPhone 12 models.

But if you are new here then hit subscribe now and we're going to get right into it to start with we've got the entry level model of the apple iPhone 12 and this is just going to be called the iPhone 12

It's a 5.4 inch iPhone with an oled super retina display from Samsung it's important to note straight off the bat that super retina means absolutely nothing so don't get too caught up on that but nonetheless it's going to be an oled display with a resolution of 2340 by 1080 and this gives us 475 pixels per inch and it's got an 8-bit colour depth well there have been rumors of all models having 120hz displays unfortunately it appears that this model is only going to be 60 hertz it's going to be equipped with four gigs of ram and it's going to come with the choice of 128 or 256 storage it's got an aluminium frame and of course it uses the Apple A14 bionic chip with 5G support the iPhone 12 is coming with dual cameras on the rear and it will of course be shipping with IOS 14. for those that want the full gig of ram with 128 storage it's launching at a price of 649 if you want to upgrade it to the 256 gig iPhone 12 then it's 750.

Next up we've got the iPhone 12 max to be clear this is the max and not the pro max the iPhone 12 max has a 6.1 inch oled display this again is a super retina oled display and we believe it's now going to be manufactured by either Samsung or LG as BOA did not pass the quality assurance tests it comes with a resolution of 2532 by 1170 and this gives us 460 pixels per inch and again it has an 8-bit color depth we get 4 gigs of ram a choice of 128 or 256 storage

iPhone 12 Pro Max Size Comparison and Price

Of course the iPhone 12 max is powered by the A14 bionic chip it's got an aluminium frame a 5G connectivity and it uses a dual camera setup on the rear for those that want the 128 gig iPhone 12 max it's going to be launching at a price of 749 for those that want the 256 gig version then the price rises to 849 next up we've got the iPhone 12 pro.

The iPhone 12 pro also has a 6.1 inch display so it's actually the same size as the iPhone 12 max but we do have an improved display in specs on the iPhone 12 pro we've got a 6.1 inch super retina oled display with pro motion and 10 bit color depth the display is manufactured by Samsung and has a resolution of 2532 by 1170 giving us 460 pixels per inch we are very hopeful of this 120 hertz pro motion display

But it's still been unconfirmed and there are a few people saying this may not happen the iPhone 12 pro comes with six gigs of ram and a choice of 128,256 or even 512 gig storage it of course ships with the apple A14 bionic chip set and the iPhone 12 pro is 5g compatible it comes in a stainless steel frame and on the rear we get a triple camera setup along with a lidar sensor for depth for the 128 gig.

iPhone 12 pro it's going to be 999 for the 256 it's 1099 for the 512 gig.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Display

iPhone 12 pro max comes with a 6.7 inch oled display again this is a super retina display and hopefully with pro motion we get a 10 bit color depth and of course it is manufactured by Samsung it's got a resolution of 2778 by 1284 and this gives us 458 pixels per inch again we expect and hope it's going to be a 120 Hz pro motion display but there are a few people saying otherwise it comes with six gigs of ram and 128 256 or 512 internal storage it's got a stainless steel frame and the iPhone 12 pro max is of course powered by the A14 bionic chip set and this does have 5G support just like the iPhone 12 pro we get three cameras on the rear along with a lidar sensor for those who want the 128 gig iPhone 12 pro max is going to launch at a price of 1099 if you want the 256 gig version it's 1199 and for those that want the most expensive in the range the 512 iPhone 12 pro max is going to be launching at a whopping  1399

iPhone 12 Price

Now it is of course important to note that these pricing leaks came very early on from john press he has provided plenty of accurate leaks but also got some of them wrong recently he also provided this very early on so there is a chance that things could change

But personally i think that they're at least going to be very close to what we see overall the apple iPhone 12 is proving to be a great range of iPhone that many of you guys are looking forward to it's great that we've got all of this information already but personally i do like that we still have some uncertainty as it's nice to have some surprises at launch while there may be delays in the release date the launch is expected to be on time and that will of course be the 8th of September this year given the current outbreak it's likely that it's again going to be an online only launch event similar.

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