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 Benefits Of Water Wondering How To Lose Weight

water has many different health benefits but not enough people know about all these health benefits it is pretty common knowledge that the majority of the human body is composed of water yet from time to time we still don't drink enough water and we catch ourselves being dehydrated some signs of dehydration are increased thirst being tired or sleepy dry mouth decreased urine output headache dry skin dizziness and urine of a darker hue an indication that we are getting enough water into our system is frequent or regular urination throughout the day the goal is to urinate 7 to 10 times a day with at least 5 to 7 of those times being clear urine.


If you see that your urine is getting a little dark to be sure to gulp down a tall glass of water before we begin this article make sure you don't miss out on all of our awesome life hacks tips and tricks from this site and make sure you tell your friends about our website so they can join in on the fun now keep reading for some of the reasons you should be drinking more water number eight helps with bowel movements drinking a lot of water not only clears your body of toxins but it creates the feeling of needing to pass stools when your bowel movement gets regularized you are releasing waste and toxins preferably on a daily basis not only does water detox the body it also helps reduce swelling and keeps your body clean number seven fills you up drinking water

First thing in the morning not only eliminates your sleepiness but it also helps fill you up so that you don't eat as much which is a great way to reduce food intake and cut the pound

If you're trying to lose weight speaking of water can you guess what is better for you hot or cold water well stick around until the end to find out number six stimulates the growth of red blood cells having water on an empty stomach stimulates the growth of red blood cells thus creating more oxygenated blood and helping you feel energized and refreshed first thing in the morning number five relieves headaches in the morning or throughout the day are usually an indicator that you are not having enough water

Having eight ounces of water or more in the morning can help reduce headaches keep watching as we continue to count down the top health benefits of water number four help your immune system water is essential to your immune system by keeping a stable balance of fluids in your body this will lead to a reduction of infections drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning will help you strengthen your immune system and lower the chances of sickness number three increases energy drinking water helps increase energy

Because it stimulates the growth of red blood cells this helps you keep energized throughout the day number two clears your skin drinking a sufficient amount of water will help you keep your skin clear and glowing most of the time acne originates from irregular bowel movements once that is regularized toxins will begin to leave the body and help you detoxify this leads to fewer outbreaks and acne number one increases your metabolic rate drinking hot water is supposed to increase one's metabolic rate by nearly twenty-four percent this helps your body burn through more calories in turn this helps you digest and assimilate food much faster and efficiently drinking water also aids in weight loss because thirst is often mistaken for hunger when you feel hungry have some water and see if you feel the need for food moreover having a tall glass of water before a meal will make you feel full thus reducing the number of calories you eat during the meal now that you know what happens when you drink water on an empty stomach here's the answer to whether hot or cold water is better for you according to daily nutrition news those who drink water that is 80 to 106 degrees Fahrenheit could be damaging to their body by drinking cold water you increase the risk of getting sick the reason for this is that cold water decreases the function of the immune system which is caused by the creation of excess mucus in the body because of drinking cold water

In addition research from the European Journal of pharmaceutical and medical research showed that drinking cold water at that temperature can make your blood vessels become smaller and restrict your ability to digest food properly there's a lot of confusion out there about the right way to get hydrated whether it's needing to drink eight glasses of water a day which is probably not true drinking water instead of juice or pop is probably true or the question of whether or not to drink water with meals very still out on that one but in the battle of health information there's one clear winner drinking warm water is just plain better for you than drinking cold water recent studies on the best possible way to have your eight or fewer glasses of water a day have found serious pluses to drinking warm water and downsides to taking your water chilled very few of us drink warm water to begin with unless it's caffeinated or filled with hot chocolate powder warm water doesn't always appeal cold water slows down the digestion process which slows down the reuptake of valuable nutrients into the bloodstream and because cold water needs to be heated up before the body can use it drinking cold water actually slows down the body's rehydration process making you thirstier than

If you had hot water when the body is exposed to cold temperatures it restricts the blood vessels to avoid losing heat when most people are suffering from dehydration they will experience constipation joint pain digestive issues and many more symptoms, in fact, some people will go for days without drinking water which is alarming because about 60% of your body is made up of it so it's important you consume a sufficient amount of water to avoid dehydration now there is an ongoing debate on what type of water people should be consuming while the obvious choice for most people is cold water there's also, research that makes the case for drinking warm water as well as reasons to drink warm water now that I've informed you of a couple of reasons to avoid drinking cold water I'm going to give you some good reasons to drink warm water the first reason is that it cleanses your digestion according to Stella mitts ovis clinical nutritionist and media health expert in food and nutrition sciences Metz ovis states that warm water helps break down the food in your stomach and keeps the digestive system going she adds that people who have a glass of cold water after a meal will actually harden the consumed food which creates a fat deposit in the intestine alleviates pain

According to Health Line warm water is beneficial for cramps because it helps increase blood flow to the skin and also helps relax the cramp muscles stop premature aging toxins in the body have the ability to speed up the aging process but according to Metz ovis warm water can change that it can help repair skin cells which can increase elasticity she adds that women will always benefit from drinking warm water

Because they have more hormones decrease stress levels according to a study published in the Journal of psychopharmacology drinking warm water helps improve the central nervous system you could end up feeling less anxious after a glass the study also suggests drinking a glass of warm milk after warm water if your throat is sore or dry hot water can temporarily decrease the pain and can also reduce any associated swelling water in general, is useful for reducing cramps and bloating but hot water packs a powerful punch because it relaxes your stomach muscles at the same time hot water in the digestive system also stimulates the colon to be more active setting up the body for better food absorption throughout the day being well hydrated in general also reduces food cravings and since hot water stays in the stomach for longer it helps you feel fuller longer but while cold water has its downsides remember drinking cold water is still way better than drinking no water at all and I'll probably still reach for a nice glass of iced water when I'm out on a hot day because while it's refreshing so do you drink a lot of water what are some tips you have for people who don't drink a lot of water let us know in the comments section below.

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