World's Smallest Chess

ANKARA: Turkish artist has set a world record by making the world's smallest chess, with a size of 0.35 inches.
World's Smallest Chess
World's Smallest Chess

According to the details, Nikati Karkamaz from Turkey set a world record and proved that passion has no value, if morale is high, perseverance and dedication never let morale go down.

Nakati Karkamaz says that this chess is two times smaller than the world record chess, I have been working 6 hours a day for the last six months to make it.

The Turkish artist says it is capable of playing very small chess, but players will need a microscope to look at the board, and a special kind of stick has been developed to move the dead.

The foreign news agency says that the Turkish artist has special skills in making small things and he has already made 40 very small things which were also presented for exhibition.

Nakati Kamaz said he would provide the Guinness Book of World Records with evidence of making the smallest chess so that he could formally become the world's smallest chess player.

It should be noted that before this, the record of making the world's smallest chess was held by the American artist Ara Gazarian who made a chess of 0.6 inches.

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