what are blood platelets?


what are blood platelets? 

In addition to red and white cells in the blood, there are also platelets. The word platelets is actually derived from the plate. They play the role of policeman of the body. When a cut appears on any part of the body. These protectors of blood come to this place and accumulate like a plate. They send signals to the brain that more platelets come here and thus all of them accumulate and stop the bleeding.

They range from 1.5 million to 4.5 million in normal human blood.

Apart from dengue, in which diseases are they low? 

Nowadays, dengue is a common disease. Even in dengue, it is the last stage when its quantity is reduced to a few thousand. Bleeding starts at this stage, which can lead to the death of a slave. So far this year, 52 deaths have been reported from dengue. Former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif has recently tested negative for dengue but other viral infections such as hepatitis B and C could be among the other reasons for the low platelet count.

What are the diseases in which the amount of platelets is low and there is no cure for it or not? 

According to medical experts, due to the absence or extreme deficiency of platelets, human blood accumulates in the brain, which can lead to many complications and possibly blood coming out of the body and their lack of brain hemorrhage. According to experts, the number of platelets in a healthy human body is between one and a half million to four and a half million and the bone marrow is formed automatically as needed.

What are their dangerous levels?

Some experts believe that if the number of platelets in a person goes up to 25,000 or sometimes even 10,000, there is no problem. However, if their number starts to fall below 10,000, there is a risk of bleeding from the human body. And may begin to bleed from the nose.
Lack of platelets can lead to the spread of certain infections, kidney disease, damage to the body's immune system and drug reactions, and can lead to severe weakness in humans.
To find out the number of platelets in the human body, a blood test called 'Complete Blood Count' (CBC) has to be done which costs from Rs.400 to Rs.1000 from normal laboratories in Pakistan. The number of platelets is known, but the test also reveals other types of particles, including red and white particles in human blood.
Experts say that the number of platelets can be reduced due to various diseases and such diseases include 'dengue' fever.
Dangerous blood diseases can also lead to low blood platelets in blood cancer and leukemia. In addition, diseases in which the body's immune system is weakened, such as AIDS, SLE, and joint disease, platelets are also reduced.
Taking a variety of medications can also cause platelets to fall off. If platelets start to fall off, they fall off more suddenly. The body's immune system is weakened. Bacterial infections worsen the condition. Platelets are also deficient in a variety of bacteria.
One of the most common causes of platelet aggregation is ITP, which means that the body's immune system has become inactive.
Due to which their amount is gradually decreasing. Taking medicines used in various types of cancer, epilepsy and heparin also reduce their amount. When the speed of platelets in the blood decreases. Weakness in the body becomes shared. Due to the loss of immunity, a person becomes down. Severe weakness in the body, joint pain.
Bleeding starts from the mouth, gums, and nose. The joints become swollen. Excessive bleeding can lead to death due to shock. Red spots appear on the body. It seems that Someone has inflicted wounds on the body with a knife. Bleeding from different parts of the body feels like a cut. If a socket is inserted on the body, the bleeding does not stop.
To diagnose the disease, blood tests like CBC, Hepatitis B and C, Total Body Echinacea, Bone Marrow Semester, and PET Scan are done to diagnose the disease. The disease also increases spleen. The amount of platelets decreases. Platelets are suddenly found to below. They are gradually reduced, but it is not detected until the person dies of the disease.
The diagnosis then reveals the cause of the deficiency, but bleeding from different parts of the body indicates that the disease has escalated to a dangerous level. Bleeding from different parts of the body is a medical emergency. See a doctor and hospital immediately. Should be referred. Immediately the platelet deficiency is met by installing mega platelet kits but despite their application. The breakdown of platelets and white blood cells continues.
In addition to mega-kits, immunoglobulin drips are used to boost the body's immune system. If the amount of platelets in the blood does not drop due to an illness, such as ITP, it will slowly return to normal.
If there is a deficiency due to any medicine, the medicine is stopped immediately. While treating dengue patients, it was observed and tested that in patients infected with dengue virus, the amount of platelets decreases in dengue fever. If so, using papaya leaf juice immediately starts increasing their quantity.

 Will the platelets fall once and become normal again?

If nothing happens, then mega-kits of platelets are applied and even if it doesn't make a difference, then immunoglobulin drips are applied to reactivate the body's immune system. The amount of platelets increases significantly. If the amount of platelets continues to decrease, then there is no cure, then the spleen is removed by surgery.
As a result, the amount of platelets decreases. Even if steroid medications are not working, some medications are also given to reactivate your immune system, which in some cases may help, but it is not. Such drugs also have side effects that can lead to further complications

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