What is a Strep Throat Infection?

Strep throat is a throat infection that can be caused by harmful bacteria, or other germs.

What is a Strep Throat Infection?
Strep Throat Infection?

This infection usually affects children. However, the symptoms and causes may be the same in children and adults.

Significant symptoms of this infection include fever and sore throat. According to medical experts, sore throat is a common problem in children between the ages of 4 and 8.

According to medical researchers, there are different types of this infection, some of which can lead to many other physical complications due to lack of proper and necessary treatment or precautions.

According to medical experts, it is important to distinguish between strep throat and general sore throat. The reason for this is the similarity in the symptoms and the expression of the same type of discomfort on which the doctor can only make a final decision after a medical examination.

The affected child may refuse to eat and drink due to sore throat and may show discomfort. It may be difficult to swallow. Some affected children complain of headaches, nausea, vomiting as well as stomach or muscle aches.

Medical researchers say that by the time treatment is started, there is a risk of strep throat being passed from one child to another. But the infection does not remain contagious after 24 hours of using certain medications.

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