Scientists And Doctors Were Stunned To See A Green Hen Laying Eggs

A Green Hen Laying Eggs

A Green Hen Laying Eggs
A Green Hen Laying Eggs

In the Indian state of Kerala, a man's hen is laying amazing eggs whose yolks are surprisingly dark green.

According to the Times of India, the man, identified as AK Shabhabudhin, hails from Othokangal village in Malapuram district of Kerala. "Nine months ago, one of my hens started laying eggs for the first time and we were amazed to see that their eggs were yellowish-green," he said. We didn't eat these eggs because we were afraid we wouldn't know if they would be safe. So I collected the eggs and hatched them. The chickens that came out of these babies also started laying eggs, so their eggs were also yellowish-green in color. ”

"When the chicks came out of these eggs, we became convinced that they were just like other eggs, so we started eating them," said Shabhabu. Their yolk tastes just like ordinary yolk. ”

According to the report, Shabhabu posted pictures and videos of these eggs on social media and they went viral all over the world. Now scientists from Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University have also approached Shabhabu and are conducting research on the eggs of these chickens. Initially, the scientists said that the chickens may have been fed a special feed which caused the yellow color to turn green, but Shabhabu says that he did not feed any separate feed to these chickens. What is the reality of these eggs, it will be known only after the results of the research of the scientists come to light. However, Shabhabu says that these eggs are in great demand and people want to buy them at very high prices. Collecting for, when there are enough chickens of this breed, then I will start selling their eggs.

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