Ginger: In The Court of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.

Ginger, a blessing bestowed by nature, is known for its benefits and effectiveness, from the kitchen to the kitchen. 
Man has been using this herb for centuries for delicious dishes and treatments.
Ginger: In the court of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.
Ginger and Elizabeth I.

You may have read and heard a lot about the benefits of ginger and its use in curing common physical ailments.
But did you know that this herb is also mentioned in the classical literature of Europe and the kings of England and The Queen has also recognized its usefulness? In addition, Arabic and Persian literature is not without mention of ginger.

In addition to making our food appetizing, ginger used in various common ailments has been described by King Henry VIII of England as helpful in treating plague.

Henry VIII lived from 1509 to 1547, during which time the plague killed a large number of people in various regions. Elizabeth I, daughter of the same king, later ascended the throne as Queen of England. The Queen of England has also acknowledged the usefulness of this herb. According to Elizabeth I, ginger, fennel and cinnamon powder are digested.

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